If a hamper arrives with a  customer in an unsatisfactory state, you will be requested to provide photographic evidence in order to place a refund claim.

Please note that Tiny Feet Hampers does not offer a refund option if the hamper is opened or damaged.

Refunds will not be given on delivery fees. Any hamper being returned is at the cost of the customer returning the hamper.

No refunds will be given following 14 days of the purchase being made.


Shipping/Delivery Policies

It is the customer’s responsibility to read and fully understand all policies before purchasing.

Once an order has been placed, it is assumed you have read, understand and agreed to our policies.

Tiny Feet Hampers is not responsible for any negligence or failure to read our policies.

We work with different transporting companies throughout the U.K. If purchasing more than one item, your gifts may be shipped separately and you will be charged the according shipping cost for each item.

You can be assured that most items will ship together from the same location if the order is placed during one transaction.


International Shipping:

* We deliver to UK locations only, unless you have called us for an international order.
* Carriers are at our discretion (usually Royal Mail, City Link or Parcels2go).
* Next Day Service or Overnight Delivery is next business day by 5:00 p.m.

All hamper product pages show delivery cost options. Please note that the “estimated” processing time to get your order out the door is no longer than 48hours.  (This is not a guarantee, all orders are shipped in the order they are received and we do our very best to ship out all items in the estimated time frame).

Processing time and delivery times are 2 different factors and both must be considered when ordering your hampers and vouchers.

* All of our products are transported usually within 2 working days.  Once a selection is made and the order has shipped, there is no way to speed up or change the method with the carrier.  Please call us if you have any concerns or need assistance in estimating when a gift might arrive (please note this has to be done before placing your order).

* Please note: Where possible deliveries will require a signature and may be returned to the nearest sorting depot if there is no one in to claim the gift. In some circumstances, where a signature is required, depending on the carrier, the hamper may be returned to us if no one is available. It is usual procedure that a carrier will leave a note and/or attempt delivery once or twice before returning an item to us.

If an item is returned to us, we will need to re-charge delivery fees to ship it out again.

*Once an order has left our facility with the carrier, we can accept no liability for the time in which the delivery takes.


Each of our products have their own delivery methods and pricing.

Delivery rates are as follows:

  • 10 mile  – Free delivery
  • •  11 mile (from HU1 postcode) – 25mile order location £6
    •  26 mile (from HU1 postcode) – 40mile order location £10
    •  41 mile (from HU1 postcode) – 60mile order location £15

FREE delivery to Women and Children’s Maternity Ward, Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital and within a 10mile order location.


Unfortunately mother nature can impact on your delivery date – please plan accordingly.

This includes ordering early, and taking into consideration any weather conditions your package may encounter during its journey from our facility to your doorstep or hamper/voucher destination.


Items that are returned to us as “undeliverable” due to a bad or incorrectly addressed package are subject to return fees, that may be incurred to us by the carrier. We are happy to re-ship those items to a good address at the cost of postage, there will be a return delivery fee of £5  as well as the re-delivery costs attached to this procedure.

Redirect Fee – If a wrong/insufficient address was provided at time of order and your package needs to be redirected for any reason, a redirect fee will be charged to you.

The Redirect/Return Fees are as follows:

• Redirect fee –  £10
• Return package fee – A redirect fee of £5 plus original delivery cost for return. All returned parcels will be returned and billed using the same service as originally shipped
• If your package was shipped using Royal Mail or Parcels2go and a wrong/insufficient address was provided at the time of order, and your hamper can not be delivered for any reason, the hamper will be returned to us as “undeliverable”. We will attempt to contact the buyer in the first instance to clarify delivery details. If the buyer is un-contactable following 7 working days, Tiny Feet Hampers will await contact from the buyer. A refund of the cost of the item, with the exception of personalised gifts, minus the original shipping cost and any fees incurred by the actual carrier will be available upon request from the buyer.


Please note that there is a FREE delivery option to the Women and Children’s Maternity Ward, Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital upon ordering.

We can guarantee that your gift will be delivered on your desired date if you are sending it to this specific Maternity Hospital.  (Please note that your gift may be held in a mail room by hospital staff (if access onto the ward is restricted), for some time before it is delivered to the patient. Tiny Feet Hampers will not refund any order sent to Women and Children’s Maternity Ward, Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital for any reason beyond our control ~ no exceptions.


If all or part of your order was damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately (within 24 hours of delivery) so we can file a claim with the carrier. Once we receive confirmation from the carrier that the claim will be paid we will replace or exchange the damaged item(s) or issue a refund (limited to the damaged item(s) only – not your entire order).  If you want the order re-done/re-delivered prior to the claim settlement, it will be considered a new order and must be paid for. DO NOT RETURN the damaged item(s) unless instructed to do so.


If we make a mistake, we will correct the error, refund or exchange the item(s) at no additional cost.


We (Tiny Feet Hampers) are not held liable for any loss incurred through the use of this website, products and/or the information contained herein.  If you are dissatisfied, your exclusive remedy shall be to cease using this website.  We assume no liability for packages lost, damaged or destroyed due to events beyond our control such as, but not limited to, severe weather conditions, natural disasters, man-made disasters.


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